Permanent Dentures for Ridgetown

Permanent dentures can transform your smile, and for residents of Ridgetown we can create a custom look for you that is both attractive and functional. Our specialists work with you to design the best result for your needs.

You may have missing, loose or broken teeth, or removable dentures more than five years old. Our expert Denturists can consult with you to see if permanent dentures are the right choice for your situation. We specialize in the design, creation, placement and modification of permanent dentures.

Options for customizing your permanent dentures

Although we specialize in creating superior permanent dentures, we also offer other options if permanent dentures are not within your budget or do not fit your needs. Custom dentures are created in our internal dental workshop, our denture specialists ensure you are fully educated on all of your options so you are always satisfied with the outcome. Our goal is 100% satisfaction.

Lifestyle benefits of permanent dentures

Permanent dentures have greater stability than temporary dentures. Clients feel more confident as they are able to go about their daily activities as if they were working with their natural teeth. The benefits of permanent dentures also allow you to preserve your natural facial appearance and prevent bone loss.

Some adjustment may be required for your permanent dentures, as teeth can exhibit wear after extended periods of time. The foundation and screws that anchor the permanent dentures will last a lifetime with proper care. We offer all of these adjustments in our local to Ridgetown clinic.

Free permanent denture consultation in the Ridgetown area

Do you feel you would benefit from permanent dentures? Please contact our near to Ridgetown clinic and our professional staff would be happy to provide a no cost consultation to see if permanent dentures would be the best option for you. You would not be under any obligation to proceed.