Implant Dentures

If you desire to have dentures that function more like real teeth and the freedom to eat what you love, secure implant dentures are the best solution. By definition, a Denture is an appliance that is removable and supported by the limited bone and gum structures of your mouth. Due to this limitation they will never be able to replace the feeling and chewing performance of your natural teeth.

Conventional Denture treatments are still offered but are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Conventional Dentures are not fixed in the mouth, and move easily when chewing or speaking. Wearing conventional Dentures will continue to allow the bone structure supporting the Dentures to shrink, or resorb.

It is important to remember that the bone structures in your mouth support your face. As they disappear so will your youthful looks. This shrinking and flattening of the bone structures drastically reduce your ability to support the Denture and chew your meals.

The best treatment is a Denture with implants

Implants are small titanium posts that are placed into the bone structure by a surgeon in a very short appointment. Most patients agree that implant placement is less a fuss than having their teeth removed.

In cases where the remaining teeth are being extracted, the implants can sometimes be placed into the bone at the same time, resulting in only one surgery.

Implant Dentures or bridges are the closest option to your natural teeth. The firm implant support allows them to function as your teeth should. The proper function of implant Dentures or bridges also help to keep the underlying bone stimulated (similar to natural tooth roots), reducing and preventing bone loss in the surrounding areas. This option of modern implant Dentures allows you to keep your facial features where they are meant to be!