Learn About Our Denture Clinics

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We have two state of the art denture clinics located in Chatham, and Wallaceburg, Ontario. From your initial consultation to laboratory and clinical creation of a Denture, the Denture Specialists work directly with our customers through every stage of the Denture process, creating comfortable smiles and building relationships that builds our patients trust.

Providing Exceptional Service

Unlike other denture clinics, The Denture Specialists are trained in all aspects of Denture fitting and fabrication, from taking impressions to personally creating Dentures within our state of the art facilities. In this way, patients can enjoy personalized and cost-effective service. The Denture Specialists provide a professional relationship that starts with a handshake and culminates in a beautiful smile.

If you have missing, broken or loose teeth, or have existing Dentures that are over five years old, take a few minutes to sit down with us for a free consultation. Many options are available, The Denture Specialists will find the solution that’s right for you. Consultations can be handled without a referral.

*Annual check-ups are recommended to ensure optimal oral health.

Our Locations

Chatham Location

56 Grand Ave. E.,
Chatham, ON, N7L 1V6


Wallaceburg Location

828 Dufferin Ave,
Wallaceburg, ON, N8A 2V4