The Denture Specialists Chatham-Kent

The Denture Specialists are locally owned and operated denture clinics with locations based in Chatham and Wallaceburg, Ontario. We are denture experts, providing Chatham-Kent customers with state of the art custom Denture design, fabrication as well as denture maintenance for both removable and implant Dentures. With the advantage of our in-house denture laboratory, we are able to perform prompt denture repairs and refits of existing dentures in a short time-frame. If you are located in Chatham-Kent, please contact us to discuss your denture needs today.

Free Denture Consultations in Chatham & Wallaceburg

We are proud to provide FREE denture consultations to all of our Chatham Kent denture patients. We are also able happy to help you with your private insurance plan, as well as Ontario Works, Ontario Disability, NIHB, and the Ontario Seniors Program. We fabricate all of our custom dentures in Chatham and Wallaceburg, Ontario using the best in hand crafted and digital technology available in Chatham-Kent.

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