Permanent Dentures for Blenheim

Are you shopping for permanent dentures? In our clinic, local to Blenheim, we work with you create a new smile, and your full involvement is welcomed in the design process.

Our in house Denturists take consultations to establish if permanent dentures are your best option. You may have older dentures or teeth in need of repair; take a few minutes to speak with us. We have expert knowledge in all aspects of permanent dentures, from design and fabrication to insertion and adjustment, so you always know where you can go if you need advice.

Customizing your permanent dentures

The realism and appearance of the permanent dentures we create is thrilling, but it’s not the only service we offer. We customize our approach to your requirements and budget, and make sure that you are fully knowledgeable about the denture options available to you. Custom dentures are also created in our in-house dental laboratory, our personalized approach ensures you are always satisfied with the results.

Permanent Denture Benefits

The stability of permanent dentures is much greater than that of temporary dentures. Wearers of permanent dentures enjoy the ease of speaking and eating as though they were using their original teeth, and the improved confidence that comes with that.  Permanent dentures also have a medical use, preventing bone loss and the resulting facial appearance changes.

With proper care the screws and foundation that solidify the base of your permanent dentures will last a lifetime, and only minimal adjustments are required to the dentures in most cases. All this can be done in our near to Blenheim clinic.

No cost permanent denture consultation in Blenheim

Our specialists in Blenheim are pleased to service you with a no cost, no obligation consultation. We are able to examine the health of your teeth to see if you would benefit from permanent dentures, and can give advice on your best course of action. If you feel you would benefit from permanent dentures, please visit our local to Blenheim clinic to speak with one of our many informed staff members.