Partial Dentures for Tilbury

If you are a resident of Tilbury, and need new dentures, trust The Denture Specialists to provide multiple types of new dentures, as well as perform expert denture repairs. We are a one-stop facility for all aspects of denture and partial denture creation. We do the design, fabrication, insertion and fitting of your personalized dentures within our clinics. Any type of denture you need: full, implant, immediate or partial dentures, are always completely customized for our patients in and around the Tilbury area.

Customized Partial Dentures

To replace one or more missing teeth, we often recommend a partial denture for our Tilbury clients. Within our local clinic we are equipped to make a removable partial denture customized to your specific requirements to restore your natural bite and help to improve your appearance and self-confidence. In addition, the presence of a partial denture may prevent your natural teeth from drifting into the spaces left by absent teeth. A customized partial denture can help you speak certain sounds, like a V or F more clearly, and improve your ability to chew.

At The Denture Specialists, we can assure you that there is a perfect partial denture for your needs. There is a variety of material options available, from all plastic, cast alloy or lightweight titanium. If you have allergies to metal or plastic, or want to avoid metal clasps on the teeth, we can also fabricate your partial denture from flexible vinyl. We can even design your partial denture to be secured with implants, for maximum comfort and function.

To protect our valued clients, we use only materials that are beneficial for the mouth. You can find The Denture Specialists, located within Chatham-Kent & Wallaceburg, at our two convenient clinics.

Consider Partial Dentures

In the Tilbury area, residents who need a new partial denture or repair of existing dentures, can visit one of our clinics, where one of our Denturists can help review your circumstances to determine the best way to meet your needs, while respecting your budget.