Partial Dentures for Blenheim

When you visit The Denture Specialists, you will be pleased to discover that we can provide multiple forms of new dentures, in addition to performing denture repairs for Ridgetown residents. Our Denturists specialize in all phases of denture and partial denture development including design, fabrication, and insertion, as well as fine-tuning for a perfect fit. A complete range of fully customized denture types is available for patients in the Ridgetown area. These include full, implants, immediate and partial dentures.

Learn about Partial Dentures

If you are missing one or more teeth, partial dentures may be what you need. Within our local to Ridgetown clinic, we are equipped to make a removable partial denture customized to your specific requirements. With partial dentures, you will experience improved appearance and self-confidence. Not only can partial dentures prevent your natural teeth from drifting or tilting into spaces left by a natural tooth loss, they also restore your natural bite. A customized partial denture can help improve your ability to chew, and speak certain sounds, like V or F, more clearly.

Your explicit needs will determine which of many available materials are best for your partial denture. We can make them all plastic, cast alloy or lightweight titanium, or we can make them of  flexible vinyl, if you have plastic or metal allergies, or want to avoid metal clasps on the teeth. Your partial denture can even be secured with implants for maximum comfort and function. We have the perfect partial denture for your unique situation.

The Denture Specialists uses only materials that are beneficial for the mouth, and has two denture clinics available, conveniently located within Wallaceburg & Chatham-Kent.

Easy Partial Denture Options

Residents of the Ridgetown area, considering a new partial denture or existing denture repairs, can visit the Denturists at one of our local clinics and get the help you need to determine a budget conscious option for your individual circumstances.