Partial Dentures for Belle River

You can trust The Denture Specialists to provide many forms of new dentures, in addition to performing repairs to the existing dentures of clients in and around Belle River. All stages of denture and partial denture creation are expertly completed in our local clinics. This includes design, fabrication, insertion, and custom fitting. We can provide a complete range of denture types, fully customized for our Belle River clients. These include full, implants, immediate and partial dentures, to promote and maintain your oral health.

Facts about Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are often recommended for our Belle River patients to replace one or more missing teeth. We are well equipped to make a removable partial denture, within our local clinic, customized to your unique dimensions to re-establish your natural bite. Partial dentures can also keep your natural teeth from drifting or tilting into spaces left by absent teeth, as well as help you speak certain sounds more clearly, and restore your chewing ability.

The selection of material options available, you can feel confident that there is a perfect partial denture for your needs. We can make them from all plastic, or cast alloy, or lightweight titanium, and if you need to avoid metal or plastic due to allergies, or want to avoid metal clasps on the teeth, we can also make them from flexible vinyl. Your partial denture can even be designed to be held in place with implants, for extra comfort and security.

Count on The Denture Specialists to use only materials which are beneficial and healthy for the mouth. Visit us in Wallaceburg & Chatham-Kent, at our two convenient denture clinics.

Partial Dentures – Many Available Choices

If you are considering a new partial denture or existing denture repairs, in the Belle River area, you are welcome to come into one of our clinics, where our Denturists can assist you to choose the best budget conscious option to meet your denture needs.