Implant Dentures for Wallaceburg

Wallaceburg area residents rely on our skilled Denturists for guidance to obtain expertly placed implant dentures that feel, fit and function like a natural tooth. If our Denturists conclude that you are a candidate for implants, you will receive all the assistance you need to select the ideal implant denture options for your individual situation. Implant Dentures are strong and stable, and the next best thing to healthy natural teeth.

No Fuss Implant Dentures

When considering the available options, our Wallaceburg implant denture patients have found ‘implant placement’ to be less fuss than tooth extraction. To obtain the result closest to the function of your normal teeth, implant dentures or bridges offer firm implant support.

Implant Denture Options in Wallaceburg

If you are local to Wallaceburg, one of our implant denture systems might be ideal for you!

1 Denture Implants (Snap-In)

With the goal of securing dentures in place, many types of implants and implant denture options are available. Denture systems that provide “snap-in” denture stabilization tend to be more affordable than non-removable options, while providing the convenience of removability for cleaning and care. These systems are ideal for many implant denture clients.

2 Full-Arch Implant Solutions (Screw-In)

To achieve additional support and natural-tooth functionality, our Wallaceburg patients may select from other implant-supported systems which are more permanent in nature and not removable by the patient. These options include fixed screw-retained denture systems, up to the top level Zirconium screw-retained tooth replacements.

3 Single and Multiple Tooth Implants

A very stable, long-term solution to replace one or more missing teeth, is the utilization of implants with a bridge or crown.

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