Implant Dentures for Tilbury

When Tilbury residents consider implant dentures, they turn to our skilled Denturists for expert assistance and guidance. If our assessment concludes that you are a candidate for implants, you will be guided through your individual implant denture options by our knowledgeable Denturists. To obtain a strong and stable result that is the next best thing to healthy, natural teeth, implant dentures can restore a lost tooth or multiple teeth, to feel, fit and function like normal teeth.

Why choose Implant Dentures?

Our Tilbury implant denture patients typically agree that ‘implant placement’ is less trouble than tooth removal. With the goal of obtaining a result that provides the most natural tooth replacement option, implant dentures or bridges, offer firm implant support and the most natural tooth function.

Styles of Implant Dentures available to Tilbury

We have many implant denture solutions that may be ideal for Tilbury residents.

1 Removable Denture Implants

Several systems of implants and implant dentures have the ability to secure dentures in a stable location. Many of these systems provide “snap-in” denture stabilization to keep your dentures in place, and still allow the denture to be removed for care and cleaning. Many denture patients find this choice to be more affordable, and favoured over non-removable implant systems.

2 Permanent Full-Arch Implants

If additional support and natural-tooth functionality is desired by our Tilbury patients, we can offer other implant-supported systems which are more permanent in nature (not removable by the patient). Durable implant solutions can range from fixed screw-retained denture options, to top-end Zirconium implant dentures that are also screw-retained.

3 Single and Multiple Implant Options

To restore single or multiple missing teeth, implants can be used with a bridge or crown. The range of options available to replace missing teeth can offer long-term solutions that are very robust and permanent.

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