Implant Dentures for Leamington

The next best thing to healthy, natural teeth, are implant dentures, expertly installed with the assistance of our local to Leamington Denturists. If you are confirmed to be a candidate for implants, our skilled Denturists will help guide you through your individual implant denture choices and options. An implant denture looks, feels, fits and functions like a natural tooth, while being both stable and strong.

Secure Implant Dentures

Implant placement has been found by most of our Leamington implant denture patients to be less trouble than having their teeth extracted. The benefit of secure implant support allows implant dentures or bridges to function as your natural teeth would.

Implant Denture Styles offered to Leamington

Do you live in, or near Leamington? We may have the ideal implant denture answer for you

1 Snap-In Denture Implants

Various types of implants and implant denture systems can be used to secure dentures in place.  Many of these denture systems provide “snap-in” denture features to ensure your dentures stay firmly in place, yet can still be removed for cleaning and care. Snap-in dentures are often more affordable than permanent options, and are the perfect choice for many denture wearers.

2 Screw-In Full-Arch Implants

Additional implant-supported systems are not removable by the patient, and are more permanent in nature. When our Leamington area clients want additional support and natural-tooth functionality, they may select from fixed screw-retained dentures, to higher-end screw-retained Zirconium implant denture options.

3 Implants for One or More Teeth

The range of options available to replace one or more missing teeth, includes using implants with a bridge or crown. This permanent method is a robust solution for replacement of one or more teeth.

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