Implant Dentures for Chatham-Kent

Residents of Chatham-Kent turn to our expert Denturists for well installed Implant Dentures. Our denturists will determine if you are a candidate for implants, and will help guide you through your individual Implant Denture choices and options. Implant Dentures are the next best thing to healthy natural teeth. Strong and stable, an implant denture restores a lost tooth so that it looks, feels, fits and functions like a natural tooth.

Why Implant Dentures?

Most of our Chatham-Kent implant denture patients agree that ‘implant placement’ is less fuss than having their teeth removed. Implant Dentures or bridges are the closest option to your natural teeth. Firm implant support allows dentures to function as your teeth should.

With implant dentures you will find it easier to speak, and you won’t have to worry about your dentures becoming loose or falling out. Modern implant Dentures also allow you to keep your facial features precisely where they are meant to be!

Types of Implant Dentures available in Chatham-Kent

If you are local to Chatham-Kent, our implant denture solutions might be right for you!

1 Denture Implants (Snap-In)

There are various types of implants and implant denture systems which can be used to secure dentures in place.  Several of these denture systems provide “snap-in” denture stabilization so that your dentures stay in place, yet can still be removed for cleaning and care. These tend to be more affordable than non-removable options, and are ideal for many denture patients.

2 Full-Arch Implant Solutions (Screw-In)

There are other implant-supported systems which are more permanent in nature (not removable by the patient), providing additional support and natural-tooth functionality. Chatham-Kent denture solutions range from fixed screw-retained denture systems to higher-end screw-retained zirconia tooth replacements.

3 Single and Multiple Tooth Implants

There are also a range of options where implants are used with a bridge or crown to replace one or more missing teeth. This provides a very robust permanent long-term solution to replace missing teeth.

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