Implant Dentures for Belle River

To obtain an implant denture that looks, fits and functions like a natural tooth, Belle River residents  rely on our expert Denturists for guidance to strong and stable installation. When our Denturists determine if you are a candidate for implants, you will receive all the help you need to make your individual implant denture selections. An implant denture restores a lost tooth so that it is the next best thing to a healthy natural tooth.

The Implant Denture Option

When natural tooth function is desired, our Belle River implant denture patients have found implant dentures or bridges to be the closest option to your normal teeth. In addition, our patients have found ‘implant placement’ is less fuss than having their teeth removed.

Implant Denture Choices for Belle River

Living near Belle River ? You may find our implant dentures are the ideal solution for you!

1 Denture Implants (Snap-In)

The most attractive feature of implants and implant dentures is their ability to secure dentures firmly in place. Systems with “snap-in” denture details may be more affordable than permanent options, while providing the removability that makes for convenient cleaning and care. Many denture wearers consider “snap-in” systems to be the ideal choice.

2 Full-Arch Implants (Screw-In)

Screw-in implant-supported systems, can achieve the additional support and natural-tooth functionality sought by many of our Belle River clients. These systems are more permanent in nature and are not removable by the patient. They range from fixed screw-retained options, to higher-end screw-retained systems made from Zirconium, for individual teeth or full arch replacements.

Implants for Single and Multiple Teeth

Single or multiple missing teeth can be restored by using implants with a bridge or crown. There is a range of long-term solutions to replace missing teeth that are tough and durable.

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