Immediate Dentures for Tilbury

Is your quality of life being impacted by missing or broken teeth? Professionals at the Denture Specialists in the region of Tilbury are ready to help you. We offer customized options for a range of denture needs, including immediate dentures. Residents of the Tilbury area can take advantage of our personal approach and full range of services. So whether you require partial, full, implant or immediate dentures, our experts will take care of you from start to finish.

Purposes of Immediate Dentures

Dental extraction procedures can sometimes require multiple surgical treatments to achieve the desired result. In these cases the patient benefits from immediate dentures to replace the removed teeth between operations, allowing an opportunity for the tissue to recover.

Immediate dentures can also be used to improve appearances by disguising any gaps in the teeth. These dentures can be customized to fit a single tooth, or more extensively, complete upper and lower sets.

Confidence in your Smile

Top grade materials are used in the fabrication of our immediate dentures. This allows you to confidently continue daily life without gaps in your teeth and without the worry of trouble chewing.

In case any adjusting is required to your immediate dentures, our clinics are well-located in Chatham-Kent and Wallaceburg.

Clear Choices for Immediate Dentures

The Tilbury region can turn to our professional Denturists for a quick consultation regarding the repair of existing dentures, or the need for immediate dentures. Budget, options, and potential improvements are reviewed so you fully understand the choices available and we can help you make an informed decision.