Immediate Dentures for Ridgetown

Do you have missing, loose or broken teeth? Our experts at the Denture Specialists provide residents of Ridgetown with a wide range of denture options. Offering in house design, we can create the perfect set of permanent or immediate dentures to suit you, and the service doesn’t stop there. Insertion, adjustments and repair are all done in our Ridgetown area location allowing you complete satisfaction.

What can Immediate Dentures do?

Some necessary dental procedures require the removal of compromised teeth in order to improve your overall mouth health. Immediate dentures can help with the healing process by temporarily replacing the extracted teeth while giving your gums a chance to recover.

Single tooth extraction and more extensive extraction due to medical issues like severe gum disease, both make you a candidate for immediate dentures. Customized immediate dentures are designed to help you at and between these extremes.

Confidently Eat and Smile

Any worry of the appearance or functional ability of immediate dentures can be put to rest. Immediate dentures hide the gaps of missing teeth, and chewing food is normal. Adjustments can be easily done to avoid unsightly spaces so you never have to worry about your smile changing.

High quality materials are always used in our convenient Wallaceburg and Chatham-Kent clinics; you can have confidence we pride ourselves in providing the best care.

Consult for Easy Immediate Dentures Options

Denturists in the Ridgetown area are available to speak with you now. Consultations for new immediate dentures, or repair of existing dentures only takes a few minutes. You will find our professional staff knowledgeable, friendly and eager to help with all of your denture needs.