Immediate Dentures for Leamington

The variety of denture options can seem overwhelming, and without an expert opinion, it’s hard to know if full, permanent, partial or immediate dentures are the right choice. The experts at the Denture Specialists in the Leamington region are here to help you. We offer a complete range of denture options and services to better attend to your needs. From design and fabrication to service and repair, the Leamington area residents can turn to us for their permanent and immediate denture needs.

Understanding Immediate Dentures

Temporary solutions for dental extractions are known as immediate dentures. These custom devices are inserted immediately after one or more teeth are removed, allowing the gums time to heal before proceeding with other treatment.

The diagnosis could be that the health of your remaining teeth is poor, in the case of advanced gum disease, then an immediate complete denture set is created to replace the top and bottom sets of teeth for you. Immediate dentures can also be created for one or two extracted teeth where the condition is not as serious.

Smile and Eat with Confidence

Your daily life will not be impacted when you choose immediate dentures. Gaps are disguised, eating is normal, and even natural changes to the shape of your mouth are taken into account with simple adjustments.

Convenient clinics offering immediate dentures are located in Chatham-Kent and Wallaceburg. We only use quality materials that are healthy for your mouth, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Easy Evaluation for Immediate Dentures

To get more information on immediate dentures, or on the repair of your existing dentures, you can contact our Denturists local to Leamington today. Sitting down with us for a short evaluation can determine your budget and needs, and we will develop a solution that will best suit you.