Immediate Dentures for Blenheim

Your immediate denture solution is available at the denture specialists in the Blenheim area. We specialize in a range of denture options which we customize to fit your needs. Full, implant, partial and immediate dentures are designed in our Blenheim area location, we also provide insertion, adjustment and repair services.

Get to know Immediate Dentures

An immediate denture is a temporary remedy for an oral medical issue that requires the removal of one or multiple teeth. Immediately after undergoing a tooth extraction an immediate denture is inserted to fill the area.

Complete or partial immediate dentures can be created in this fashion, allowing your mouth to heal before considering other treatments, or to simply replace the loss of a front tooth.

Daily Life with Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures allow you to continue daily life without the worry of unsightly gaps in your smile due to missing teeth, and your ability to chew food and speech is not changed. Immediate dentures are also easily relined in the case of changes caused by shrinking gums.

Materials that are healthy for your mouth are always used, so you can be confident in the service provided through our Chatham-Kent and Wallaceburg locations.

Choosing Immediate Dentures

If you are local to Blenheim and require immediate dentures, or repair of your existing dentures, you can contact our clinic now. A short consultation with our professional Denturists will determine your exact needs and we can present the best options to suit you.