Immediate Dentures for Belle River

Completing your smile can restore lost confidence and help you become less self conscious. Belle River residents can turn to the Denture Specialists, experts for all of their denture needs. Customized permanent or immediate dentures are designed and manufactured in house to ensure the highest quality. Services extend from insertion to adjustment and repair for all full or partial, permanent or immediate dentures that our Belle River area location offers.

Immediate Denture Information

Any number of teeth may be replaced with immediate dentures. One or two extractions due to a break or infection are common, whereas extreme cases of advanced gum disease may require the removal of most, if not all teeth.

Both of these extremes, as well as cases falling between them, can be aided with custom immediate dentures. They are manufactured to replicate the appearance of real teeth while shielding the gums and allowing them the chance to heal.

Confident Living with Immediate Dentures

No one has to live with missing teeth or a gap in their smile. Immediate dentures disguise unattractive spaces and allow you to continue with daily activities, such as enjoying a meal, without worry or self consciousness.

We are able to easily reline immediate dentures in our local Chatham-Kent and Wallaceburg clinics in case of changes in your mouth, and all materials used are of the highest grade. We take pride in providing the best service and care possible.

Options for Immediate Dentures

If you or a loved one require repair of current dentures, or immediate dentures, our clinic local to Belle River is ready to serve you. Take a few minutes to consult with our professional staff to go over your situation, and we will provide options that best suit your needs and finances.