Denturist Wallaceburg

We, at The Denture Specialists have denturists who are experts in the design, fabrication, insertion and adjustment of removable and implant dentures for the residents of Wallaceburg. Not only can we provide new dentures for Wallaceburg residents, we offer a full range of custom denture services.

Our denture clinics are situated within Chatham-Kent for your convenience. Our expert denturists pride themselves in using only materials which are healthy for the mouth. Your smile is in good hands with our expert denturists.

Wallaceburg’s Partial Dentures Source

To restore your natural appearance after the loss of one or more teeth, our denturists can design and fabricate a removable partial denture customized to your precise requirements. Added benefits our denturists are happy to provide with a partial denture are: prevention of your natural teeth from shifting into the space left by lost natural teeth, and great improvement in the ability to speak clearly and chew your favourite foods.

Full Denture Options for Wallaceburg

To be absolutely sure you are thrilled with the look and realism of your new teeth, our denturists custom make your dentures just for you and encourage your full involvement in the appearance and various decisions when our denturists craft your new smile.

Implant Denture Source

Our denturists know the closest option to your natural teeth are implant dentures. Implants are small titanium posts that hold implant dentures in place, that are placed into the jaw bone structure by a surgeon in a very short appointment. The implant process is considered by most of our Wallaceburg patients to be less trouble than having teeth removed.

Timely Denturist Re-fitting & Repairs Wallaceburg

Have you been too patient with dentures that have missing, broken or loose teeth, or don’t fit as well as they did five years ago? If you are local to Wallaceburg, you can take a few minutes to stop by for a free no obligation consultation with one of our denturists to review your dentures for damage or re-fitting. In our state of the art laboratories our denturists can repair your dentures and have them back to you in no time.

Knowledgeable Denturists for Wallaceburg

To examine your denture needs, our knowledgeable denturists offer a free denture consultation to Wallaceburg residents. From there, we are familiar with the requirements of most types of dental insurance.