Denture Relines for Wallaceburg

As you wear your dentures over time, it is not uncommon for periodic denture relining to be required. Wallaceburg residents will find that we have helpful denture specialists ready to assist you when your dentures  need to be relined.

When you begin to notice that your dentures no longer fit tightly and you have developed gum irritation and/or mouth sores, impacting your ability to speak clearly, it may be time to have your dentures relined. To assure your dentures fit well, the pink portion of your denture (known as the denture base) must fit tightly against your gum tissues, also known as the ‘edentulous ridge’. A snug fit ensures your comfort, and maintains good oral health.

Why do dentures become loose and need to be relined?

The denture looseness that causes the need for relining, is typically caused by changes in gum tissue due to shrinkage or resorption. This shrinkage can be caused by many factors, including loss of weight, lost teeth, loss of bone, general aging, and illness or disease.

To reline your denture, there is a relatively simple process to add more base material to your denture. This is done by using your existing denture as a tray which is used to take an impression of your edentulous ridges in their current contours. The impression that results is filled with a stone-like material which will harden to form a model that correctly represents the changed form of your ridge. When additional material is added to the tissue surface of your denture, the model is used to make an impression  that now corresponds to the shape of your ridge. With this complete, your dentures fit tightly without gum irritation.

Learn more about denture relining by calling today!

Patients local to Wallaceburg, Ontario, can visit or call our modern denture clinic to assess your existing denture fit, and determine if relining is the solution for you.