Denture Relines for Tilbury

When Tilbury clients have been wearing dentures for a time, occasional denture relining may become necessary. We have denture specialists who are always ready to assist you to have your dentures relined and their fit restored.

Your comfort and oral health are maintained by assuring that your dentures fit tightly against your gums. Denture fit is largely controlled by the pink portion of your denture, the denture base, resting snugly upon your gum tissues or ‘edentulous ridge’. Denture relining may be the solution, when you have noticed that your dentures are not fitting tightly and you are suffering from gum irritation, mouth sores, and having trouble with speaking clearly.

How is the denture looseness that prompts relining caused?

Relining of dentures is typically required when gum tissue shrinks, and creates looseness between the gum and the denture. Shrinkage or resorption, can be caused by disease or illness, general aging, loss of weight, lost teeth, and loss of bone.

The process of relining dentures is relatively simple. It is basically about filling any gaps that have developed between the denture and your gum tissues (edentulous ridge) through adding more base material to the denture itself. Your existing denture is used as a tray to take an impression of the changed form of your ridges. The impression is poured in stone to produce a model that correctly represents the present state of your ridge. This stone model is used to  make an impression in base material added to your denture, to remove the gaps that had caused looseness and irritation.

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If you are local to Tilbury, Ontario, and need to have the fit of your existing dentures reviewed, you can get in touch with our modern denture clinic to assess the improvement that denture relining can provide.