Denture Relines for Ridgetown

It is not uncommon for periodic denture relining to be required over time. Our local to Ridgetown denture specialists are fully prepared to assist Ridgetown area clients with needed denture relines.

To assure your dentures fit well, the pink portion of your denture (known as the denture base) must fit tightly against your gum tissues, also known as the ‘edentulous ridge’. A snug fit ensures your comfort, and maintains good oral health. Loose dentures can cause gum irritation, mouth sores, and speaking difficulty. Any one of these conditions, may indicate that it’s time for a denture reline.

What are the reasons for dentures to become loose and need relining?

There are many factors which contribute to the tissue changes that cause gum resorption or shrinkage that require dentures to be relined . These include: disease or illness, loss of weight, lost teeth, loss of bone, and general aging.

Denture relining is basically a process of adding more base material to your denture to fill any existing gaps between the denture and your gum tissues (edentulous ridge). Your existing denture is used as a tray to take an impression of your ridges in their current shape.  Stone-like material is poured into this impression, which will harden to form a model that correctly represents the present state of your ridge. This model is used to make an  impression in base material added to your denture. The result is a denture that now corresponds to the shape of your ridge and mouth.

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If you are concerned about the fit of your existing dentures and are local to Ridgetown, Ontario, drop by or call our up to date denture clinic today, to review your dentures and assess your relining needs.