Denture Relines for Leamington

To address the changes  that occur to dentures after a while, our Leamington patients may find that periodic denture relining is required. Our denture specialists are ready to help you have your dentures relined, and restore the fit that you remember.

Your comfort and oral health are maintained by assuring that your dentures fit tightly against your gums. Denture fit is largely controlled by the pink portion of your denture, the denture base, resting snugly upon your gum tissues or ‘edentulous ridge’. Denture relining may be the solution, when you have noticed that your dentures are not fitting tightly and you are suffering from gum irritation, mouth sores, and having trouble with your speech.

Which changes cause dentures to become loose and need relining?

Changes to gum tissue may cause resorption or shrinkage that makes dentures loose and relining necessary. Many factors can contribute, including loss of weight, lost teeth, loss of bone, illness or disease, and general aging.

Relining dentures is basically a process of filling any existing gaps between the denture and your gum tissues (edentulous ridge) by adding more base material to the dentures. This is a relatively simple process where your existing denture is used as a tray to take an impression of your ridges in their current contours. Stone-like material is poured into this impression, which will harden to form a model that correctly represents the present state of your ridge. We then use this impression to adjust your dentures, to ensure that your dentures do not irritate your gums and fit tightly.

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To assess the fit of existing dentures, clients from the Leamington, Ontario area can stop in or book an appointment at our up to date denture clinic today, and consider denture relining for fit improvement.