Denture Relines for Chatham-Kent

As time passes, periodic denture relining may be required. If you are local to Chatham-Kent and need to have your dentures relined, our denture specialists are ready to serve you.

The pink portion of your denture (known as the denture base) rests upon your gum tissues, also known as the ‘edentulous ridge’. It’s very important that your dentures are fitted tightly against your gums in order to avoid health issues, and to ensure that you are comfortable. If you have noticed that your dentures are not fitting tightly and you are suffering from gum irritation, mouth sores, and have trouble with your speech, it’s likely that you will need to have your dentures relined.

What causes dentures to come loose and need relining?

Denture relines are required typically when gum tissue changes occur due to resorption (shrinkage). This can be due to loss of weight, lost teeth, loss of bone, ageing, disease or illness.

Relining your denture is a relatively simple process whereby additional base material is adapted to the tissue surface of your denture so it will more accurately correspond to the changed form of your edentulous ridge. This is done by using your existing denture as a tray with which to take an impression of your ridges in their current contours. The impression is poured in stone to produce a model that correctly represents the present state of your ridge, we then use this impression to adapt your dentures to the current shape of your ridge and mouth, ensuring that your dentures fit tightly and do not irritate your gums.

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If you are local to Chatham-Kent, consider stopping in at our state of the art denture clinic where we will review your existing dentures to determine if they need to be relined.