Denture Relines for Blenheim

It may be required, as time passes, for periodic denture relining. Blenheim area residents who need their dentures relined, can count on our denture specialists who are always ready to help you.

Denture fit is largely controlled by the pink portion of your denture, the denture base, which rests upon your gum tissues or ‘edentulous ridge’. Your comfort and oral health are maintained by assuring that your dentures fit tightly against your gums. When you notice that your dentures no longer fit tightly and you have developed gum irritation and/or mouth sores, impacting your ability to speak clearly, denture relining may be the solution.

How do dentures become loose and need relining?

When gum tissue changes occur due to resorption or shrinkage, caused by loss of weight, lost teeth, loss of bone, ageing, disease or illness, denture relines are often required.

There is a relatively simple process to reline your denture to ensure that your dentures fit tightly and without gum irritation. Additional base material is adapted to the tissue surface of your denture so it will more accurately correspond to the changed form of your edentulous ridge. This is accomplished by using your existing denture as a tray to take an impression of your ridges in their current contours. The resulting impression is poured in stone to create a model that corresponds to the present shape of your ridge. With a model that reflects the current shape of your ridge and mouth, we are able to add more base material to your denture, to remove the gaps that had caused looseness.

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