Denture Expertise – Tilbury

At The Denture Specialists, we are the local authority in the design, fabrication, insertion and adjustment of removable and implant dentures for Tilbury residents. We can provide new dentures customised to the specific needs and desires of Tilbury clients as well as expert repairs to existing dentures.

Keeping your mouth healthy is our goal, we take pride in using only materials which support a healthy mouth. For your convenience we have two denture clinics, one situated in Chatham and the other in Wallaceburg.

Tilbury’s Partial Denture Source

Replacing one or more missing teeth can be accomplished with a removable partial denture that is made and fitted to your specific needs. It can also greatly improve your ability to chew and speak clearly, a partial denture may prevent your natural teeth from shifting or drifting into the gap caused by a natural tooth loss. Wearing a partial denture can restore your natural appearance.

Natural Looking Full Dentures for Tilbury

You will be thrilled with the natural look and realism of your new teeth, when we encourage your full involvement in appearance and various decisions to create your new smile, and custom make your dentures just for you.

Attractive Implant Dentures

A denture method gaining in popularity, is implant dentures, for its closeness to natural teeth. This involves small titanium posts or implants, that hold implant dentures in place, being inserted into the jaw bone structure by a surgeon during a brief appointment. When compared to a teeth removal experience, most of our Tilbury patients consider implants to be relatively trouble-free.

Dentures Restored, Repaired, Re-fitted

Have you been too patient with dentures that have missing, broken or loose teeth, or don’t fit as well as they did five years ago? If you are local to Tilbury, you can take a few minutes to stop by for a free no obligation consultation to review your dentures for damage or re-fitting. In our state of the art laboratories we can repair your dentures and have them back to you in no time.

Crafting durable dentures for Tilbury

To examine your denture needs, we offer a free denture consultation to Tilbury residents. From there, we are familiar with most types of dental insurance.