Anti snoring devices for Leamington

If too many of your mornings start out tired, lethargic and frazzled, the cause could be snoring or sleep apnea interrupting your sleep. There are some serious effects caused by the lack of restful sleep, which may include a slump in daily activity, diminished work performance, and dwindling memory. When you get tired of feeling tired, we can help, by fitting an oral anti snoring appliance specially designed in our local to Leamington clinic, to treat sleep apnea or snoring. A good night’s sleep will make a difference you can notice in your ability to embrace your day.

Economical anti snoring devices

Orally based anti snoring devices are accepted broadly as the economical alternative to CPAP or surgery, the non-surgical and non-invasive solution. We can create an orally based anti snoring device, made especially for you, that is easy to fit and wear. They are small and weigh only a couple of ounces, making them easy to pack in your travel bag.

Information about sleep apnea for Leamington

When left untreated, sleep apnea can cause individuals to stop breathing repeatedly during the night, sometimes for a minute or more. Sleep apnea presents itself in three forms: obstructive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea, and mixed sleep apnea, with the most common form being obstructive sleep apnea. Although the root causes of each type of sleep apnea may differ, it may be possible to find the relief you need with our orally based anti snoring appliance.

Below are a few signs associated with sleep apnea:

  • Choking or interrupted breathing during sleep
  • Rapidly falling asleep when inactive
  • Personality changes or mood swings
  • Morning headaches
  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Sore throat or dry mouth after waking up
  • Involuntary limb jerking while sleeping

Attention problems re symptoms like these affecting your life?

  • Fighting sleepiness at work, when driving, or during the entire day
  • Attention problems
  • Decreased libido
  • Irritability

It is possible that your medical insurance provider will cover the cost of your anti snoring device. Please consult your provider to see if you have the coverage needed. Clients local to Leamington can obtain more information about our anti snoring devices, when you call for a free consultation with our experienced and helpful professionals.

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